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What is a “Super Car”?

In the classic car industry, the term “SuperCar” has emerged lately to describe a classic car that has not only been restored completely (often frame-off/nut and bolt), but modified, NOT to a “HotRod” but to a car which looks either 99% original or may have been modified in aspect but has be engineered to drive like todays luxury or high end sports cars.

Why a SuperCar?

TODAY, many people who decide to acquire a classic car, either because they had one back in the times or because their parents had one or because they just have become eligible as enjoyable investments, quickly find the ride disappointing. Cars have changed drastically since the early 80’s to today. Steering, braking, elasticity of powertrain, response to the controls, ride quality, track stability and even small engine performance has been refined in a tremendous way even in lower price every-day cars. New car prices, even for “boring” every-day cars have risen in the last 20 years to double and more. The luxury car segment has grown and the access to luxurious or performance cars has grown.

A SuperCar will give the investor a car with all the uze of individuality, the lines, the sexy and sleek design with so much attention to detail, sex-appeal and American greatness even today’s higher end cars just can’t seem to match, paired with the driving qualities, the handling and reliability and power of today’s top of the line luxury and performance cars.

Who is interested in Interstate Super Cars?

Essential Services Int’l, LLC was founded by Jean-David “J-D.” SAUSER, a life long American Car aficionado of Swiss decent. J-D. is a concept developer and successful business man and consultant currently best know for develop fast casual food restaurant concepts in the USA. J-D’s approach to his business ventures is always based in forming the best team possible, then just like in foot ball, “the team with the best players WINS”.

INTERSTATE SUPER CARS is composed of a small team of very capable and dedicated specialist. It’s COO and shop manager Robert “Bob” SLATTERY has been around muscle cars and hot-rods since child hood. His father, a veteran Fireman, was a hot rodder himself in the 50’s. Our CFO Veronica SALERNO has been with J-D in many ventures and always appreciated for her service, honesty and ability solve any and all problems.

The small technical team alongside Mr. Robert “Bob” Slattery is composed of an engine and suspension specialist, an electrics and electronics specialist who is also very creative with interiors and CNC generated part production and a fabricator-welding artist.

Can you work on/fix my car?

INTERSTATE MUSCLE CARS is not a typical classic/muscle car or hot rod shop. We are a factory and not open to the public. We work exclusively on cars we OWN (title in hand). We develop or project car-by-car using our tested and proven concept.

How does Interstate Super Cars operate? What does ISC offer:

ISC works exclusively on cars we have privately acquired (title in hand). We develop our project car-by-car using our tested and proven concept:

All cars receive new modern frames with top of the line modern day suspension, steering and braking systems. No exaggerations – no short cuts. All cars undergo a complete high end frame-off rotisserie nut & bolt restored, often TWICE during the process using the best finishes available. Bondo-free… we are at times “old” fashioned and use tin like in the old days.

All our cars receive brand new interiors, all chrome, stainless and brightware restored to higher than OEM quality and equipped with top of the line amenities like modern and efficient air conditioning, integrated sound systems and options.

All power trains are top of the lined brand new high performance injection engines, often super charged or in some cases bi-turbo for competitive performance and reliability. Again, no exaggerations – no short cuts. For a top but drivable performance.

While we do publicly show some of the project cars we do carry in our pipeline inventory, our cars are only being offered for sale once we near final finishing before final assembly. In some cases, early buyers can still have a choice of color combinations and some option when committing to the investment before final finish.