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The Shop

Classic Car Restoration

International Super Cars

Essential Services Int’l, LLC dba INTER STATE SUPER CARS has developed a streamlined Super-Car conversion concept using only top quality products like for which we are currently DEALERS. We work with classics, muscle cars, luxury cars and other vintage vehicles at our restoration shop located in South Florida.


We use all new top of the line chassis or subframes with modern steering and modern brake system on all our super cars. Computerized air suspension or convertible street-rod/racing coil over suspension.

We use only brand new top of the line engines and transmissions New, modern and efficient Air Conditioning. All new interior, mostly OEM style and certain cases modernized. All our cars start out only as rust-free cars, and are frame-off rotisserie restored often TWICE, once at the beginning of the process and one more time before final assembly.


We have a no-gimmick, no-“reality”-show approach which allows us to generate a non-experimental result for stunning cars which look original but drive and handle like today’s top of the line luxury and high end sports cars.

Motor 1
White Cadillac
Pink Cadillac2